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cindy mctee

publications by others

Never Call Us Lady Composers
The Struggle for Recognition of Great Female Composers
by Geoffrey Larson
Women of Influence in Contemporary Music: Nine American Composers
Michael Slayton
Chapter on Cindy McTee
Scarecrow Press
  In Women of Influence in Contemporary Music: Nine American Composers, Michael K. Slayton has collected essays, which focus on women who have made significant contributions to American music: Elizabeth Austin, Susan Botti, Gabriela Lena Frank, Jennifer Higdon, Libby Larsen, Tania León, Cindy McTee, Marga Richter, and Judith Shatin. Each chapter includes a biography of the composer, an interview, and a detailed analysis of one major composition.
Primary Stylistic Characteristics of Cindy's McTee's Music as Found in Timepiece, Ballet for Band, and Finish Line
Nicholas Enrico Williams
Doctoral Dissertation
University of North Texas
The Evolution of Melodic Construction in Three 20th-Century Wind Band Works
Brian Alber
Journal of Band Research
Structural Octatonicism in Cindy McTee's Symphony No.1: Ballet for Orchestra
Jennifer L. Weaver
Masters Thesis
University of North Texas
David Fulmer
Chapter on Cindy McTee
Tim Salzman, editor
Meridith Music Publications

With a foreword by Michael Colgrass, this is the first in a five-volume series on major contemporary composers and their works for wind band. Included in this initial volume are rare, 'behind-the-notes' perspectives acquired from personal interviews with each composer. An excellent resource for conductor, composer or enthusiast interested in acquiring a richer musical understanding of the composers' training, compositional approach, musical influences and interpretative ideas.
A Comparison of the Wind Band Writing of Three Contemporary Composers: Karel Husa, Timothy Broege, and Cindy McTee
David Fullmer
Doctoral Dissertation
University of Washington
Recent Electro-Acoustic Music by Women: A Survey
Elizabeth Hinkel-Turner
International League of Women Composers Journal

Teaching Music Through Performance in Band
GIA Publications, Inc.

This is the series of books and CDs that have broken new ground in providing theoretical, practical, and analytical information for band and orchestra directors seeking to help their students. Each book is divided into two sections. The first section contains articles written by some of the true leaders in the field, addressing some of the most important issues facing conductors today. The second section contains "nuts-and-bolts" Teacher Resource Guides containing analyses of many of the most important works ever composed, at a variety of difficulty levels. Each Teacher Resource Guide includes information on the composer, the composition, historical background, technical requirements, stylistic considerations, important musical elements including form and structure, suggestions for additional listening, and a guide to selected references. Top-notch recordings of the music in the Teacher Resource Guides round out this indispensable series.