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cindy mctee



Gender and Music

Gender and Music Composition: A Personal Perspective
by Cindy McTee

Paper presented at the 1999 Annual Conference of the Society for American Music in Ft. Worth, TX. Cindy McTee draws upon her personal and professional experience as a point of departure for discussing issues related to gender and the creative process. She examines the affects of social conditioning on her ability to access and integrate various aspects of self, and provides examples of ways in which both the "masculine" and "feminine" have informed her music.


I do. She does, too.

Back in the classical music world, Canadian cellist Amanda Forsyth appears regularly with her conductor/performer husband Pinchas Zukerman, while Naxos artist Leonard Slatkin married the composer Cindy McTee in 2011, when she retired from the position of Regents Professor Emerita at the University of North Texas. They can be heard making beautiful music together in Slatkin’s recording of a programme of his wife’s music performed by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. [ read more ]